Mport product feed integration and automation


~ 500 products

This is an online product catalog of the best-selling and most popular goods in Europe. It offers very competitive prices and hundreds of suppliers to choose from. Mport HQ and warehouses are placed in Lithuania, Germany, and Hong Kong. The supplier offers a wide selection of items such as sporting goods, household, beauty and health, children products, pets products, and many other types of goods.

Mport will take care of your orders, logistics, and investment.

The company has more than 10 years of successful experience in e-commerce, wholesale. An experienced team will effectively solve any problems that may arise.

Product descriptions are available in Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Estonian, and Polish languages.

An agreement needs to be made with before we can start importing their products. Contact directly to acquire logins or access information to their products feed.

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WiseXML is not optimised for one particular platform – it can be connected with any e-commerce shop. It does not matter if it is WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify or your custom made solution.

Our developed extensions and integrations allows you to start using WiseXML within a few minutes. Install, configure and start adding new products from any supplier to your shop.

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