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Glami is a fashion items search engine and market place, where lot’s of highstreet suppliers and boutique shops are centralized in one place.  This modern platform offers great deals and discounts from hundreds of international and local online fashion stores. It is made very easy to search for the wanted item, every shopper will have a very user-friendly and pleasant shopping experience.

How does it work?
First of all, your e-platform needs to be connected to the WiseXML app  (check our suppliers’ list to see if you are not connected yet).
After your products appear in WiseXML, apply the filters, attributes, price markups. We will generate the export file and will pass the product feed URL to Glami.  That’s all –  you are ready to go.


Marketplace New

Connect directly with our 61 trusted suppliers network.
Automate your product sourcing, attribute mapping, categorizing, and price markup tools.
Integrate stock sync, product details, and images directly into Glami.

Import products to Glami from these suppliers

Let us know if your supplier is not listed above. Most likely, we will integrate their products feed with our platform free of charge.

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