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Sometimes we are asked if we can implement functionality which would be very specific to one customer. In general, we only implement features that we think would be useful for others. Contact us and we will discuss your case.
WiseXML allows you to configure and add attributes etc. by yourself. However, if you wish - we can import it for you. Depending on the complexity, this service is usually between €100 - €150.
After you have agreements with suppliers, it can take from 3 to 5 days, before you can start configuring WiseXML. Some suppliers have API and after adding new integration we need to warm up data.
In general, steps would be as follows: 1. Find or choose suppliers; 2. Make an agreement with suppliers and acquire access/login information; 3. Connect your website with WiseXML; 4. Configure WiseXML and start importing data.
Most bigger suppliers use API for integrations and we are used to this. API and web services is no problem.
Yes, we have. Drop us an email and we will provide you with further information on how you can test WiseXML.
There are no specific requirements. There are multiple ways, how customers connect their systems with WiseXML. Most popular and most easy is using CSV or XML files.
We have experience with Magento and we could help you with connecting your Magento store with WiseXML. However, if you are using WooCommerce, OpenCart or similar platforms - we can recommend our partners who could connect WiseXML and do it in a professional way.
We usually add open suppliers suppliers directory free of charge. The price for syncing with one depends on the plan you choose. Few first suppliers are included in your plan, and others are from €19 to €39 a month.
Export profile is one integration with your sales channel. You can have multiple integrations with one sales channel as well. For example, you export only the stock and price of certain suppliers at 2 AM. Then at night another profile exports all full product information. This means you have 2 export profiles.
Export is run automatically based on your preferences. However, when you make changes during the day - it is useful to run export manually when you want. This is what we call On-Deman Export.
Standard support includes help with setting up and running our service. We will help you do some important settings, but some will have to be done by you (for example attribute, category and manufacturer mapping).
Yes, we do. Please contact us to discuss this.
Monthly payments are upfront. You can always upgrade your plan during the month and you will only pay the difference.
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