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BTS Wholesaler
BTS Wholesaler

~55,000 products

Dropshipping and wholesale company from Spain that specializes in beauty, perfumery and parapharmacy business. Their products catalog currently ... Read more »


~140,000 products

BigBuy is a B2B wholesale platform supplying a rich product catalogue. It offers famous brands like AEG, Babyliss, Adidas, Aveda, Armani, Barbie... Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions

Export profile is one integration with your sales channel. You can have multiple integrations with one sales channel as well. For example, you export only the stock and price of certain suppliers at 2 AM. Then at night another profile exports all full product information. This means you have 2 export profiles.
Export is run automatically based on your preferences. However, when you make changes during the day - it is useful to run export manually when you want. This is what we call On-Deman Export.
Standard support includes help with setting up and running our service. We will help you do some important settings, but some will have to be done by you (for example attribute, category and manufacturer mapping).
Yes, we do. Please contact us to discuss this.
Monthly payments are upfront. You can always upgrade your plan during the month and you will only pay the difference.
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