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Category mapping

Category names you are using in your eCommerce platform aren't always the same that ones used by suppliers to reference products. Category mapping helps transform data that way, so all products... Read more »

Price markup

Add price markup to your products to maximize profit. We've developed this flexible functionality, which allows adding price markup in many ways. Each export profile can have multiple pricing... Read more »

Dynamic Attributes

This feature gives flexibility of creating new attributes and setting values, based on preferred conditions. Most often cases of use: Volume of the product (if height, width and length... Read more »

Export profiles

Export profile is a connection with your eCommerce (sales) platform. There can be multiple export profiles for one sales channel - as well as multiple sales platforms can use one export profile.... Read more »

Product Filtering

Sync only products you want. Each export profile can generate different sets of products based on your preferences. This is useful when you only want to Sync certain products based on specific... Read more »

Product duplicates

Growing amount of suppliers inreases chances of product duplicates. This means, that multiple suppliers can having the same products different price. WiseXML checks for duplicates and exports only... Read more »

Manufacturer mapping

Different suppliers tend to give different names to product manufacturers. As a result, such names as "HP", "HP Corp." and "Hewlett Packard" will be treated as three separate manufacturers - and... Read more »

Attribute mapping

Attributes are almost always named differently per supplier. Therefore, using WiseXML you can map attributes, so “description” and “long_description” will be delivered as one. For some... Read more »

Product Images

Images speak louder than words. In case one supplier does not have images for certain product (however, he offers best wholesale price), WiseXML searches for images from your other available... Read more »

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